Vincent and the music he makes.


Vincent's music-

Has been described as cinematic, as each song sets a unique emotional tone.

Vincent’s approach to music is an unconventional one.  Having long abandoned sheet music, Vincent’s playing depends on creating original songs, improvisations and collaborations.  His music is guided by an emotional connection to his instrument, and is informed by a deep understanding of music theory.

Having taken to the piano as a young child, Vincent took traditional piano lessons for a decade from pianist Nancy Wendlant.  During his adolescent years he  abandoned the piano and took to the drums and gained valuable experiencing gigging and recording with various punk rock bands. Eventually, Vincent came back to his instrument with a fresh perspective and the desire to write music.

After moving to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2008, Vincent continued his study of piano at the California Jazz Conservatory.  There he took classes in piano theory, jazz improvisation, funk piano and singing with teachers such as Jennifer Jolly, Dave Scott and Trelawny Rose.  These teachers had a substantial impact on Vincent, and his song writing approach changed drastically.

Since studying at CJC, Vincent helped form the band No Eager Men, with fellow songwriters and instrumentalists Tony Beukers, and Sean Kohler.  Vincent contributes to the band’s repertoire of songs, as well as their piano driven Americana sound.

Independently, Vincent has been working to make his original music available for TV and film applications.  Vincent’s piano compositions have been described as cinematic as each song sets a unique emotional tone.  Adapting Vincent’s music to video media projects will enhance the ability to express mood in film.

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